Meditation course in Borovets 2019

This summer a two-week course in Vipassana meditation will take place in Bulgaria, in the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw and Ajahn Tong. The course will be held between July 17th and July 31st at hotel Bor in Borovets.


You can register for the course by filling out the following form.


The students of the course will be practicing Satipattana Vipassana meditation in the tradition of the venerable Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo. This technique is based on the Buddhist tradition and is practiced today in monasteries in Thailand. It is an intensive form of the Mahasi Sayadaw technique which is a traditional form of Buddhist meditation. Participants will be trained to develop their mindfulness during periods of sitting and walking meditation using the four foundations of mindfulness: body, feelings, mind and mind objects. Participants will learn based on their own direct observations, without expecting them to accept or reject any religious beliefs.

Each participant will be guided individually. You will meet every day with your teacher who will monitor your progress and will give you new exercises.

Ajahn Tong


The venerable Ajahn Tong is currently the abbot of the “Wat Phra Dhatu Sri Chomtong” monastery and is highly respected meditation teacher. Since childhood he has lived as a monk in the monasteries in Northern Thailand. He practices and teaches Vipassana meditation for more than 50 years and has developed the technique which will be taught during the course.


Thanat Chindaporn


Thanat lives with Ajahn Tong for more than 25 years. During this time he created an international center for meditators in Wat Chomtong. In addition, he teaches meditation teachers and teaches courses in Thailand and abroad. In recognition of his work for the spread of Vipassana meditation, he was awarded by the Government of Thailand. Thanat speak Chinese, Thai and English. For course participants who do not speak English, translation in Bulgarian will be provided.

Kathryn Chindaporn

weitere_kathryn_2 Kathryn has practiced and taught Vipassana for more than 25 years. She has taught courses in Thailand, and in her birthplace in the state of Washington, as well as in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Europe, Israel and India from 1988 onward. In 2000, Kathryn received an award from the royal family in Thailand in recognition of her efforts for spreading Buddhism.

Duration of the course and conditions

The course will be held from July 17th until July 31st.

If you are a new student we recommend that you stay for the entire duration of the course. If you have completed the course already you can stay for a 10-day retreat. If there are enough rooms available we will also accept meditators who wish to practice for several days only and not finish the course.

During the course participants agree to follow the following 8 Buddhist precepts:

  • I will refrain from killing
  • I will refrain from taking things that are not given to me
  • I will refrain from all sexual activity
  • I will refrain from false speech
  • I will refrain from taking alcohol and drugs
  • I will refrain from eating after 12 o’clock
  • I will refrain from entertainment (dancing, singing, reading, etc.) and from wearing jewelry or cosmetics
  • I will refrain from using high or luxurious beds (during the course you will sleep at most 6 hours per day)

After the start of the course all participants will practice noble silence.

Please bring with you:

  • Alarm clock and timer (not in the mobile phone)
  • Comfortable clothing (preferably white or light in color)
  • Slippers, thermos for tea, money for donations
  • Meditation pillow and meditation mat or blanket
  • Flowers for the opening ceremony (white or light in color)


At the end of the course you will be able to give a donation to the teachers. The amount that participants provide is voluntary and depends on their financial means.

We will also ask the participants to give donations to cover the costs for organizing the course. The costs include hotel and food for teachers and participants, as well as plane tickets for the teachers. We expect that the cost will be about 55 lv. per person per day. If you cannot cover your share of the costs, please let us know during registration. It is not necessary to pay in order to take part in the course.

Below you can see in detail the costs for organizing the course.


The meditation teachers and the organizers cannot be held liable for any physical or psychological damages that can arise due to participation in the course.